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To learn more about how you can join we invite you to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Contact Us About Membership

Dues Information

2022 rAtes:

Brand New Member: 

Bond Fee: $350.00

Bondholder Member: $300

Associate Member(s)*: $50/each

Maintenance Fee: $100

Existing Member/Bondholder

Bondholder Member: $300

Associate Member(s)*: $50/each

Maintenance Fee: $100

**Associate members include immediate family members of bond holder or other persons permanently residing in bondholders home  age 1 and older as of May 1st of current pool year. 

Member Blue Book

Social activities

Fair Blue offers a variety of fun activities throughout the summer. In year’s past we’ve had Independence Day and Labor Day parties, movie nights, food trucks and more. For all the latest visit our social page and check our Google calendar! 

Snack Bar

Fair Blue operates a cashless snack shack. You can add money via our online membership system or in person at the guard shack with cash or check. 

Pool Hours

Memorial Day: 
11am-9pm (baby pool opens at 10am)

6/1 - 6/12:
Weekdays: 4pm-8pm
Weekends (Sat/Sun): 11am-9pm 
(baby pool opens at 10am)

Regular Summer Hours 6/13-8/28 & 9/3-9/4:
Baby pool: 10am-9pm
Lap swimming: 11am-12pm (excluding 
Main pool: 12pm-9pm weekdays
           11am-9pm Sat/Sun

Fourth of July: 12-9pm
August 29th-31st & September 1st: 4-8pm
Friday June 10 & September 2nd: 4-9pm
Closing day-Monday September 5: 11-4pm